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Decision Log Excel Template

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Decision Log Excel Template is a spreadsheet that helps you make data-driven decisions. The template has been used by companies and organizations to do things like manage projects, track customer feedback, and prioritize ideas.

Template Details:

Facilitating and making decisions is an everyday chore for a project manager. Maintaining a decision log or register allows to a project manager to keep a trail of what decisions were made and who made the decisions.

Decision Log Excel Template is easy and simple to use. 

Format: MS Excel


The decision log excel template has the following fields

  • SL No - A incremental counter for the decisions.
  • Decision Details - Details regarding what decision needs to be made.
  • Impact - Impact of the decision. Briefly explain what will the impact of the decision on the project,
  • Proposed on and Proposed By - The person or team who suggested that this decision is made.
  • Status - Approved, Pending, Declined. Abandoned can be used when the decision is not required anymore.
  • Approved by and Date - The person or entity who approved the decision.
  • Resulting Action/Comments - Any decision taken will have a resulting action.