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Critical Path MS Project Plan

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The critical path of a work plan is made up of tasks that together determine the overall duration of a project. Each task that is a part of the critical path has zero slack, and this means that a delay of X days in any one of these tasks will result in a delay of X days in the entire project. These tasks are called critical tasks and deserve special attention due to their impact on the duration of the entire project.

It provides an easy-to-use interface that will make the process of managing projects from start to finish much easier and more efficient. is a document that outlines tasks needed to complete an activity or group of activities within time constraints. 

Template details:

  • The plan shows which tasks are critical for completing the project, and those that can be delayed or performed later if necessary.
  • A Critical Path MS Project Plan will help you stay on track with your project by identifying potential obstacles before they happen!

Format: MPP


The template covers the following sections:

  • Task name - Name of project
  • Duration - Time required to complete the project
  • Start- start date of the project 
  • Finish - end date of the project
  • Predecessors- shows the relationship of tasks with other tasks