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Annual Leave Planner

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Annual Leave Planner is a template for employees to plan their annual leave. It allows managers and employees to calculate the number of days they are entitled to take each year, as well as any banked or accrued leave that would need to be taken into account. With just a few simple inputs, this template will show you exactly how many days you can take off work annually!

Template Details:

Annual leave planner helps project managers to plan things better and ensure that the project is not impacted. The calendar can be used to keep a record of the leaves taken or planned to be taken by an employee on annual basis.

Format: Excel


  • The template has a year and the legends mentioned in the first row.
  • The employee's names are listed in the first column.
  • Total Allocated Leaves and the Leave Balance columns are auto-calculated fields.
  • For the Annual view calendar, the leaves are color coded by the number of leaves the employee has planned -
  • 1 day – Green Color
  • 2 days – Yellow Color
  • 3+ days – Red Color