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Agile Release Plan Template

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Agile release planning is an iterative process that helps teams plan, coordinate and manage their work. It also provides a framework for continuous delivery of valuable features to customers on time and at the right level of quality. 

The goal of agile release planning is to provide visibility into what will be delivered, when it will be delivered, who's working on what, why something was delayed or completed ahead of schedule - in short: everything important about the state of the project.

Template details:

  • Agile Release Plan Template will serve the team members and the project manager to track the completion of the features, sprints, and the entire project. It will also be a baseline timeline for the project and will be updated throughout its life cycle.
  • The agile release plan template is a great way to let stakeholders know what's going on in the project. It includes details about the product, marketing plans, and much more




The template has-

  • In the plan, there is also a “Status” column.
  • Each features’ status may be – Initialized: the feature is in process of planning and has started to be worked on.
  • Assigned: the feature is assigned to a team (not to a specific team member).
  • Planned: the feature is currently unassigned but has a time frame for being completed.