ISO 27001 Clause 9.3.3 Management review results

by Maya G

ISO 27001 Clause 9.3.3 addresses the results of the management review of the information security management system (ISMS). After conducting the management review, top management is responsible for determining the outputs or results of the review.

While the specific outputs may vary depending on the organization, the ISO 27001 standard suggests that the results of the management review should include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Decisions and actions: The decisions made by top management during the review, including any actions taken or proposed to improve the effectiveness and performance of the ISMS. This may include decisions related to resource allocation, changes to policies and objectives, risk treatment plans, and any other actions necessary to address identified issues.
  • Improvement opportunities: Identification of opportunities for improvement within the ISMS. This may include recommendations to enhance controls, processes, procedures, or other aspects of information security management.
  • Changes to the ISMS: Any changes or updates to the ISMS resulting from the management review. This may involve revising policies, objectives, procedures, or other documentation to reflect the decisions made during the review.
  • Updated objectives and targets: Any modifications to the information security objectives and targets based on the review's outcomes. This could involve setting new objectives, revising existing ones, or adjusting target timelines or performance indicators.
  • Resource requirements: Determination of any additional resources or support needed to achieve the identified improvements and objectives. This may include allocating budget, personnel, training, or technological resources to enhance the ISMS.
  • Communication and reporting: Decisions regarding the communication of the management review results to relevant stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers, or regulatory authorities. This could involve sharing information on improvement initiatives, updated objectives, or any other relevant changes resulting from the review.

It is important for organizations to document the results of the management review, including the decisions, actions, and improvements identified. These documented results serve as evidence of management's commitment to the continual improvement of the ISMS and provide a basis for tracking progress and demonstrating compliance with ISO 27001 requirements.

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