ISO 27001 Clause 7.5.3 Creating and updating

by Maya G

The organization shall establish and maintain documented information to support the operation of the ISMS. The documented information shall include information required by the standard and by the organization to demonstrate the effectiveness of the ISMS.

ISO 27001 Documentation toolkit, ISO 27001, ISO 27001 ISMS

This clause emphasizes the importance of having appropriate documented information to support the implementation and operation of the Information Security Management System (ISMS). The organization is required to establish and maintain documented information, which serves two primary purposes:

Supporting the operation of the ISMS: Documented information provides the necessary guidance, instructions, and procedures for carrying out various information security activities within the organization. It helps ensure consistency and clarity in the execution of information security processes.

Demonstrating the effectiveness of the ISMS: The documented information should also include evidence and records that demonstrate the organization's compliance with ISO 27001 requirements and the effectiveness of the implemented ISMS. These records can include policies, procedures, risk assessments, incident reports, audit results, and other relevant documentation.

Key points related to Clause 7.5.3 include:

  • Documented information requirements: The organization needs to identify the documented information required by ISO 27001 and any additional information specific to its own ISMS. This includes documentation necessary for the planning, operation, monitoring, and improvement of the ISMS.
  • Documented information control: The organization should establish controls to ensure the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of documented information. This may involve version control, access restrictions, backup procedures, and secure storage methods.
  • Documented information maintenance: The organization is responsible for regularly reviewing, updating, and maintaining the documented information to ensure its accuracy and relevance. This helps to reflect changes in the organization, its information security risks, and the evolving requirements of ISO 27001.
  • Retention of documented information: The organization should define retention periods for different types of documented information and establish procedures for their secure disposal when no longer needed.

Compliance with Clause 7.5.3 ensures that the organization has appropriate documented information in place to support the operation of the ISMS and demonstrate its effectiveness. This helps to establish consistency, transparency, and accountability in managing information security within the organization.


ISO 27001 Documentation toolkit, ISO 27001, ISO 27001 ISMS