ISO 27001 Clause 6.1.2 Information security risk assessment

by Maya G

Clause 6.1.2 of ISO 27001 pertains to information security risk assessment. It requires organizations to establish and maintain a systematic process to assess risks to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

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Here's an overview of the key aspects of this clause:

  • Risk assessment methodology: The organization must define and apply a risk assessment methodology that is appropriate to its context. This methodology should take into account factors such as the organization's size, nature of operations, and information security objectives.
  • Risk criteria: The organization should establish criteria for assessing the level of risk associated with the identified threats and vulnerabilities. These criteria help in determining the significance of risks and aid in decision-making regarding risk treatment.
  • Risk assessment process: The organization must conduct regular risk assessments to identify and assess information security risks. This process involves the systematic identification of assets, threats, vulnerabilities, likelihood of occurrence, and potential impact.
  • Risk treatment: Once risks are identified and assessed, the organization should determine and prioritize appropriate risk treatment options. This may involve the implementation of controls to mitigate or reduce risks, the acceptance of certain risks, the transfer of risks through insurance or contracts, or the avoidance of certain risks through changes in processes or operations.
  • Risk acceptance: In cases where the organization chooses to accept risks without implementing additional controls, there should be a clear justification for this decision. The acceptance of risks should be based on a thorough understanding of their potential impact and a careful consideration of the organization's risk tolerance.
  • Documentation: The organization should maintain documented information related to the risk assessment process, including the methodology, criteria, identified risks, risk treatment decisions, and justifications for risk acceptance. This documentation helps in demonstrating compliance with ISO 27001 requirements and facilitates future reviews and audits.

By following the requirements of Clause 6.1.2, organizations can establish a systematic and comprehensive approach to identifying, assessing, and treating information security risks. This helps in ensuring that appropriate controls are implemented to protect valuable information assets and support the organization's overall information security objectives.

ISO 27001 Documentation toolkit, ISO 27001, ISO 27001 ISMS