How to Check ISO 27001 Certification?

by Sneha Naskar

To verify the ISO 27001 certification of an organization, you can follow a series of steps to ensure that the organization has indeed achieved and maintained compliance with the ISO 27001 standard for information security management systems (ISMS). ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized framework that sets out best practices for managing and protecting sensitive information. 

Check ISO 27001 certification

Here's a detailed guide on how to check ISO 27001 certification:

  • Identify the Certified Organization: Start by identifying the organization you want to verify. You should have the name and location of the organization, as this information will be essential for your verification process.
  • Contact the Organization: Visit the official website of the organization or contact them directly. Look for any information related to their ISO 27001 certification. Many organizations proudly display their certification status on their website or provide contact details for their information security department.
  • Check the Certificate: If the organization provides you with their ISO 27001 certificate, examine it closely. The certificate should include the organization's name, certificate number, the scope of certification, the certification body's name, and the date of issue. Cross-check this information with the organization's claims and ensure that the certificate is still valid.
  • Verify the Certification Body: The certification body (CB) is the entity that conducted the ISO 27001 audit and issued the certification. Ensure that the CB is accredited and recognized by a reputable accreditation body, such as ANSI, UKAS, or JAS-ANZ. You can visit the accreditation body's website to verify the certification body's status.
  • Check the Accreditation Body: Ensure that the accreditation body itself is legitimate and recognized in the country where the organization is located. Accreditation bodies oversee and accredit certification bodies, adding another layer of trust to the certification process.
  • Visit Accreditation Body's Website: Go to the website of the accreditation body and search for a directory or a list of accredited certification bodies. Find the certification body that issued the ISO 27001 certificate to the organization you are verifying.
  • Use Accreditation Body's Database: Some accreditation bodies offer online databases where you can search for certified organizations. Enter the certification body's name, certificate number, or the organization's name to confirm the certification status.
  • Check for Regular Surveillance Audits: ISO 27001 certification requires annual surveillance audits to ensure ongoing compliance. Verify that the organization undergoes these regular assessments and their certification is up-to-date.
  • Contact the Certification Body: If you have any doubts or concerns, contact the certification body directly and ask for confirmation of the organization's certification status.
  • Trust but Verify: Finally, always exercise due diligence. While ISO 27001 certification is a strong indicator of an organization's commitment to information security, it's essential to verify the details independently, as fraudulent claims can occur.

In conclusion, verifying ISO 27001 certification involves confirming the organization's certificate, checking the accreditation and recognition of the certification body and accreditation body, and ensuring ongoing compliance through surveillance audits. By following these steps, you can confidently determine whether an organization holds a valid ISO 27001 certification.

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