Service Request Catalogue

by Nick T

To someone relatively unfamiliar with the IT field, a Service Catalogue and a Service Request Catalogue may not seem that different. This can be the root of much confusion in the future, so clarifying the differences is paramount.
A service request catalogue allows clients to choose services and products they wish to avail of or use.

This catalog lets the customer scan through the description and allows them to receive the listed item at request. It is better described as an IT shopping experience that works together with a service catalog. On the other hand, a service catalogue simply contains a list of services that a company offers. There is no interaction between the provider and the user. In some ways, a service request catalogue is the extension of a service catalogue. Most companies have either a service catalogue or a service request catalogue, while some have neither. The goal of every IT organization worth the salt is to have both catalogues for their client's perusal. However, this decision can change based on the particular nature and services offered by the business.

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What Does It Do and Who Is It For?

For a business of any size, the purpose of a request catalogue remains the same. It enlists the various services or products they offer. As a customer, you can order from these business and technical products, services, service commitment options, and other offerings.

Request catalogues can be created in different mediums and formats. The size and complexity of any catalogue depend on the needs and goals of the organization. Some companies start with only a service catalogue to bring customers' attention to their services. However, a service request catalogue is better if you need to turn visitors into clients who generate revenue. Starting a business with a service request catalogue alone is possible. If the service request catalogue is designed well enough to double a service catalogue, your business may not face any trouble.

As an enterprise grows, a need to update and upgrade the catalogues may arise. If a skilled IT team designs a quality service request catalogue, it can grant opportunities for scaling up while giving the customers a familiar and positive experience.

What Are the Key Objectives of the Service Request Catalogue?

The primary objective of a service request catalogue is present the services offered by an organization to its target customers in a way that makes choosing easy. A business with target niches and proper resources to generate revenue by attracting more customers should always invest in a team to design a service request catalogue. A request catalogue that carries out the brand's mission effectively is a way to gain an edge in the highly competitive IT services market.

Apart from the purpose that a request catalogue serves in building a brand's reputation, there are two other key objectives of the service request catalogue.

Service request catalogue
  • Scaling and Staying Agile

    - Facilitating the best customer experience should always be the priority for service-oriented IT organizations. However, this is only possible if the customer requests can be translated into structured instructions that the IT team can follow. Usually, this means that they need to be consistently updated on the company, services, and customer needs. Regular updates can improve the service request catalogue with each release and keep it agile. Another benefit of agility is the ability to add to the services offered by the company in due time. A request catalogue is an effective instrument if a company is considering scaling up over time.
  • Simplifying Customer Experience

-No matter how many services an organization offers, separate brochures or catalogues advertising them can be overwhelming. This makes it easy to miss vital information, and customers may even place the wrong request. Too much technical jargon is another off-putting factor. The purpose of a service request catalogue is to reduce confusion and make choosing services simple. Potential customers may be scared away if the content of the catalogue looks complicated. It may also create distance between the customer, the IT team, and the brand while using the service request catalogue.
  • Functionality and Familiarity

   - Since potential customers have certain expectations while shopping for IT services, it is necessary to meet them. No matter what the company offers, a functioning request catalogue adds more logic and order to the shopping experience. The familiarity of a service request catalogue can make a customer feel comfortable and well-informed while making their choices. Depending on the services offered and the target audience, the IT team can design a catalogue that serves its function well. Familiar elements often boost the efficiency of a request catalogue. The catalogue should be designed from the customer's point of view to facilitate this. For instance, when it comes to the layout, services that the IT department finds similar or the company would like to bundle should not be placed in proximity. Rather, the customer's needs and goals should be considered before confirming the layout of the catalogue. Various sections, clear summaries, and proper links can guide even an uninitiated customer into making a purchase.

    Why It Is Important?

    When it comes to the creation of service request catalogues, amateur IT professionals make the mistake of overlooking customer experience. Designing a catalogue that makes it easier for the customer to choose services and increase sales should be the priority of the professionals. A carefully created request catalogue ensures customer satisfaction, promotes the interests of the IT team in the long run and yields the best results.

    Anyone in the market for a service or product today must be familiar with request catalogues. Having one enumerating your offerings can bring a sense of familiarity to a potential customer's shopping experience. Besides, having a request catalogue makes browsing through a company's services and products easier. It is only wise to choose functionality.

    Benefits of a Service Request Catalogue

    A service request catalogue is something an organization must put thought and resources into if they wish to bring in more customers. Apart from displaying the services and products offered, a request catalogue brings reputation to the business and builds brand image.

    The benefits of a service request catalogue are endless, and your business needs to have a carefully curated request catalogue as soon as possible.

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