ISO 20000: An Overview

by Maya G

ISO/IEC 20000 depends on a system consisting of leadership teams that prescribe requirements that meet their business goals and comply with the international regulatory standard set by the ISO and the IEC. IEC 20000 is a methodology aiming to enhance IT service processes, create an effective IT design, and implement a reliable service delivery by following the prescribed framework, regardless of the enterprise.

ISO 20000

What is ISO 20000?

The publication of IEC 20000 forms the basis and framework of IT service management (ITSM). IEC 20000 is an international standard guide that organizations apply to their IT systems to monitor their performance, service operations, and service management schedule. IT service management comprises the decisions and processes taken by company investors and shareholders to manage the organization’s designs, planning, control, and information technology department.

Companies, irrespective of their size or industry, should comply with an internationally approved set of guidelines by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electoral Commission (ICE). These guidelines, known as IEC or ISO 20000, are globally recognized standards enabling companies to manage their IT processes and service management.

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Introduction to the Basics of ISO 20000

Companies use IEC 20000 to ensure their IT service management aligns with their business goals and international needs. Obtaining the IEC 20000 certification enables organizations to set a comparative bar to review their practices, service levels, and performance assessment and generate accurate and relevant results that comply with global requirements. IEC 20000 consists of two sections:

ISO standards include three primary requirements, and the IEC 20000 certification depends on their compliance: customer demand identification, customer relationship, and customer satisfaction. Companies applying for an IEC certification must follow a set of steps, including

  1. Employee Communication- Organizations should communicate directly and clearly with their employees regarding the advantages of an IEC 20000 certification. In addition to the perks, the employees should be informed about the certification process, service management requirements, and training.
  2. Certification Coverage- To get an ISO 20000 certification, it is imperative to gauge if the certification aligns with the company’s processes and needs and covers its services and operations.
  3. Thorough Assessment- Organizations should assess the company’s current performance in terms of international ISO standards. A proper investigation allows the company to measure its benchmark and understand where it stands in regulatory compliance and its IT service management status.
  4. Developing a Project Board- To receive an IEC 2000 certification, organizations must build a project board and appoint a project manager and team. An external auditor should be chosen to understand the current situation, accumulate the required resources, create a plan per the results, and audit the project board.
  5. Internal Audit- The next course of action is fixing the disparities after discovering the differences between the current status of IT processes and the prescribed framework. Compiling a detailed report of the system vulnerabilities helps the companies conduct the internal audit in an organized way and cross-check with relevant documents.
  6. Final Audit- After external and internal audits, the final step consists of choosing an external auditor from the official certification authority to conduct the IEC 20000 certification audits.

An IEC 20000 certification remains valid for three years. Every three years, organizations must display exemplary maintenance of their IT managed services, show constant improvement, and comply with the standardized guidelines to be eligible for renewing the ISO certification.

ISO 20000, basics of ISO 20000

How ISO 20000 Will Benefit Your Organization ?

Every enterprise benefits from IEC 20000, as it offers them an internationally recognized set of standards to adhere to, improving their IT services efficiently and effectively using a time-saving framework.

  • Guaranteed Cost-Efficiency- A better understanding of IT processes will help your organization make informed financial decisions to prevent losses and increase profits. Instead of spending your resources changing or fixing your managed IT services, an IEC 20000 certification will provide cost-efficient methods to enhance your IT processes.
  • Improve Brand Reputation- IEC 20000 is the only globally established standard for IT service management systems. Since this certification is applicable universally, your company can use the certification to solidify your clientele, gain their trust, and validate your image and credibility. An IEC 20000 certification will help you thrive in a competitive industry and expand your business goals and reach.
  • Client Satisfaction- Well-maintained IT services equal a happy and satisfied customer. With an IEC 20000 certification, you can stay assured your IT services are practical and efficient, resulting in customer happiness, accurate results, quick operations, and satisfied higher-ups, including the head of department, directors, investors, and shareholders.
  • Increase Productivity- With IEC 20000, you can ensure your IT processes are up-to-date and running correctly. A proper IT system leads to more efficient, speedy, and reliable results.
  • Beat the Competition- An advanced IT system pushes your organization over other companies, helping you observe and stay ahead of your competitors. Accurate results, a productive environment, and cost-efficient operations provide you with an organized system and customer support.
  • Constant Monitoring- An IEC 20000 certification will enable you to measure the benchmark, monitor your performance levels and progress, and compare it to the international service management guidelines. You can identify your operations and scope of improvement and develop new strategies to get rid of obstacles and challenges.
  • Potential for Better Results- With an IEC 20000 certification, your company can stay in the loop with up-and-coming technological inventions and developments. Since the world is rapidly going digital and constantly producing innovations, IEC 20000 allows you to manage and update your systems per the new industry requirements and changes. Upgraded managed IT services also improve client relationships and help you attain your business ideas. Using IEC 20000, your company can incorporate strategies and processes that align with your projects and concepts.

Why ISO 20000 is Important ?

IEC 20000 is important as it helps organizations improve their IT service management and devise a detailed outline that helps them assess customer demands and meet them. With IEC 20000, companies can prove their authenticity, reliability, and ability to satisfy customer requirements.

An IEC 20000 certification indicates complying with regulatory policies, meaning companies can expand their business internationally, conduct transactions with new industries, and open new avenues. Obtaining an IEC 20000 certification is proof of an organization’s constant improvement, evaluation, and effective services.

In Conclusion

With ISO 20000, organizations can showcase their immense potential and use their certification to prove their high-quality systems and services. Globally, companies working with service management must comply with ISO and IEC’s regulatory policies to conduct international business practices, and IEC 20000 assists organizations in achieving their business goals.

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