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ISMS RACI Matrix- ISO27001

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RACI is a responsibility assignment matrix representing the four most common responsibilities used in Information security management: Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed. ISO27001 uses the RACI matrix to provide clarity on the duties of Staff involved in the project 


The template shows the responsibility of each person involved in the project. Therefore, it is a good way of dividing a massive task into various sub-tasks to reduce the burden of the project manager.

Format:  MS Excel

Template details:

The template covers the activities involved in an ISMS project with the tasks assigned to the people involved.

  • Responsible- refers to the personnel responsible for completing the task
  • Accountable- Ensures the work gets completed and is answerable for the output of a task
  • Consulted- These people are involved in particular functions that require their expertise.
  • Informed- These are the ones who are updated on the status of the project