Data Backup and Recovery Policy- ISO27001

Data backup and recovery policy
Data backup and recovery policy
Data backup and recovery policy
Data backup and recovery policy
Data backup and recovery policy
Data backup and recovery policy
Data backup and recovery policy, Damage assessment
Data backup and recovery policy, data backup checklist

Data Backup and Recovery Policy- ISO27001

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The ISO 27001 Backup and Recovery Policy establishes guidelines for the control processes of backup and recovery, with a focus on maintaining a delicate balance between efficiency and stringent controls. Aligned with the principles of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability, this policy places emphasis on information security. It includes regular testing and adherence to cloud-based restoration procedures, recognizing the critical importance of data preservation in mitigating risks such as data loss.

The policy addresses various aspects, including cloud storage, data center considerations, and diverse backup solutions, ensuring the seamless continuity of business operations. It outlines procedures for creating copies of data, differentiates between types of backups, such as differential backups, and sets guidelines for data retention. By mandating regular performance of backups, the policy reflects a proactive approach to information security, safeguarding business operations effectively.


The aim of this policy is to ensure that the organization conforms to the standard backup & recover very control processes ensuring risks associated with the management of data backs and recovery are mitigated, and a balance between controls and efficiency is maintained.

Format: MS Word

Template details:

The following sections are covered in this template:

  • Policy
  • Storage Management
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
  • Backup plan overview
  • Damage assessment form
  • Insurance
  • Data backup checklist

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