Acceptable Use Policy- ISO27001

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Acceptable use policy
Acceptable use policy, Acceptable use policy overview
Acceptable use policy, Information security department
Acceptable use policy, Incidental use
Acceptable use policy, Intellectual Property Rights

Acceptable Use Policy- ISO27001

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An acceptable use policy is a set of practices a user must abide by to access an organization's systems and network. Many small and large organizations need their employees to sign an acceptable use policy before granting them user access.


This Acceptable use policy template ensures people understand what is respected of them to use the organization's resources. In addition, this template aims to ensure people are aware of the rules associated with using information assets.

Format: MS Word

Template details:

The template covers the following essential sections:

  • Employee responsibilities
  • Communication and email/messaging activities
  •  Information security Department
  • Incidental use
  • Training and awareness
  • Management responsibility
  • Intellectual property rights


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