Information Security Risk Register - 27001

Information Security Risk Register -  27001

Information Security Risk Register - 27001

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The Risk Register t allows you to track and manage your risks, including their impact and likelihood, as well as how you plan to treat them and any treatment specifics. A Risk Register is included in the standalone ISO 27001 policy and controls area. Risk Registers can be used as stand-alone tools or as part of larger projects, such as managing the risks associated with a given project.

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The risk register also prioritizes risks based on their rankings, as well as the status of existing risk controls and plans to review or upgrade those controls.

Organizations not only accomplish their compliance goals by completing a risk register. Their security and operational efficiency are also significant advantages.

Format: MS Excel


  • Create a risk management strategy.
  • Recognize dangers.
  • Examine the dangers.
  • Assess the dangers.
  • Choose from a variety of risk treatment alternatives.

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