ISO 27001 Clause 6.1.3 Information security risk treatment

by Maya G

Clause 6.1.3 of ISO 27001 focuses specifically on the information security risk treatment process. This clause outlines the requirements for identifying and selecting appropriate risk treatment options to address the identified information security risks within an organization.

ISO 27001

Here are the key points of Clause 6.1.3:

  • Risk Treatment Options: The organization must identify and evaluate different risk treatment options for addressing the identified information security risks. The options can include implementing controls, transferring risks to third parties, or accepting the risks based on business or legal requirements.
  • Selection of Controls: When selecting controls for risk treatment, the organization should refer to Annex A of ISO 27001. Annex A provides a comprehensive list of controls that can be applied to mitigate information security risks. The organization should determine which controls are applicable and effective in addressing the identified risks.
  • Risk Acceptance: If the organization decides to accept certain risks without implementing specific controls, there should be a documented justification for this decision. This justification should consider factors such as legal, regulatory, or contractual requirements, cost-effectiveness, and the organization's risk appetite.
  • Risk Assessment Adjustments: The organization should review and adjust the risk assessment if any risk treatment decisions significantly impact the initial risk assessment. This ensures that the risk assessment remains up to date and aligned with the organization's risk management strategy.
  • Control Objectives and Controls: The organization should establish control objectives and select controls to meet those objectives as part of the risk treatment process. Control objectives are specific goals or outcomes related to information security, and controls are the measures or safeguards implemented to achieve those objectives.
  • Documentation: The organization must maintain documented information related to the risk treatment process. This includes the selected risk treatment

ISO 27001