YaSM and ISO 20000

by Nick T

The YaSM and ISO 20000 work together to merge and execute processes to improve ITSM. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electro Commission (ICE) have designed a specialized global standard for IT Service Management (ITSM). The ISO 20000 standard prescribes management processes to make IT services more accessible and effective to customers and enterprises. However, while ISO mentions the framework required to enhance an organization’s ITSM, it does not shed light on how to handle the processes. This is where YaSM steps in. Yet Another Service Management Model or YaSM is a combination of strategies that provide clarity and guidance on implementing the ISO 20000 framework. 

YaSM and ISO 20000

ISO 20000 Requirements and Related Service Management Processes

ISO 20000 implementation includes a process-centered methodology to enhance ITSM constantly. Companies applying for an ISO 20000 certification must adhere to the established requirements to obtain their certifications. The first two sections specify the implementation requirements for a service management system (SMS) to improve service quality. The prescribed sections are:

1.Service Management System Requirements- The service management process requirements comprise various components that assist companies in their ITSM applications and services. This section provides resources to organizations applying for an ISO 20000 certification, such as ITSM information, guidelines, and additional details. The service management process is made up of different clauses:
    • Context of the Organization- This ISO 20000 clause presents the requirements essential to create, incorporate, regulate, and enhance a service management system. It sets the scope and goal of SMS, emphasizing understanding internal and external components and the position of investors, directors, and shareholders to measure the organization’s scale and ability to meet its goals. Awareness and knowledge of the company’s context assist in understanding the company’s scalability.
    • Leadership- The company’s leadership roles play an essential part in incorporating ISO 20000. The higher-ups should display active participation and honest commitment regarding implementing policies, employee relationships, process monitoring, tools development, and well-maintained technology to provide high-quality services. The leadership clause mentions the essential requirements a company’s leadership positions to follow to facilitate direct and open communication. Furthermore, the assigned leaders must overlook the company’s role, responsibilities, and policies to ensure an efficient framework.

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    • Planning- Planning includes mapping out an organization’s risk management system and ways to increase opportunities. As a requirement, planning consists of the actions needed to reach a company’s service management goals, which are relevant and approved.
    • Service Management System Support- Before applying for an ISO 20000 certification, organizations should overlook the service management system’s support system that increases its speed and efficiency. This clause covers vital organizational services, such as resources, employee bonds, internal and external factors, accurate reports and documents, and adaptability.
    • Service Management System Operation- This clause ensures service management processes operate seamlessly and effectively, including service lifecycle, operation planning, interface and design, service control, and service assurance.
    • Monitoring Activities- Receiving ISO 20000 certification indicates the company with the certification adheres to this clause. Monitoring activities include evaluating, observing, and executing service management systems. The requirements state that the company’s SMS should regularly undergo external and internal audits and report quantitative and qualitative results to make feasible decisions.
    • Scope of Improvement- This clause contains requirements for awareness, swift actions, and regular improvements to bridge the gap between an organization’s SMS status and the standard set by ISO and ICE.

    2.New and Improved Services- This section covers the various organizational changes, such as planned changes, new designs, and the switch from old to the latest services.

    3.Service Management Delivery- Under service management delivery, ISO 20000 covers the regulation of services, management and testing, service level documents, financial management services, information security, and availability of resources and plans.
    4.Relationship Management- ISO 20000 checks an organization’s relationship processes in this section, including employee relationships, management communication, customer bonds, and conflict resolution.
    5.Operation Control- Under operation control, a company’s management style, such as deploying, configuring, and changing management, is checked.
    6.Managing Resolutions- Resolution evaluation consists of incident and service request management and solving challenges.

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    YASM, yet another service model


    YaSM and ISO 20000 go hand-in-hand. While ISO 20000 is a global set of standards, YaSM provides a base to practice and incorporate efficient guidelines. Since every enterprise has specific needs and goals, organizations can customize YaSM per their requirements. YaSM’s tailored and streamlined model enables companies to scale their business effectively and increase productivity.

    The YaSM model benefits organizations in various ways. Its highly clear and reliable nature allows businesses to incorporate and combine multiple service models for different business goals and projects, regardless of the company’s size or industry.

    1. YaSM Provides Range- The YaSM model is compatible with various industries, including automobile, IT, healthcare, and finance. It gives multiple enterprises a platform to rise in their industry and stay ahead of their competition.
    2. YaSM Process Map- The YaSM process guidelines offer a direct and open solution to make ITSM more efficient and reliable by implementing visual components. Every SMS process provides a diagram of the operations performed, internal factors, and the results. Additionally, the YaSM model provides templates and checklists comprising in-depth reports of YaSM processes.
    3. Versatility- The YaSM process model is compatible with various formats and platforms, including Microsoft Visio and ARIS, making it convenient for users to carry out multiple activities across the service management system. Since the process maps are available in different formats, IT specialists can tailor the processes per their demands, requirements, and industry policies.
    4. Additional Assistance- An essential component of the YaSM model is the YaSM – ISO 20000 Bridge, which narrows the gap between a company’s current processes and the ISO-established international standards. The YaSM map enables companies to assess their performance, identify and eliminate challenges, and improve their ITSM for better and more productive results.

    Wrapping Up

    The YaSM and ISO 20000 model is an essential standard for companies to establish a well-maintained and efficient management system, irrespective of their size or background. Receiving an ISO 20000 certification involves adhering to service management processes requirements, which organizations can comply with using the YaSM model.

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