Environmental management policy

by Nick T

All yellow indicated numbers in the Environmental management policy need action to be taken. Below are details:

Environmental management system policy, Environmental management system
1. Paste the Company/Organization Logo
2. Write the name of the Company/Organization
3. Briefly write what the organization does like production of electronic goods or chemical production or packaging etc
4. Remove any of the two words if the organization doesn’t provide like if it just manufactures, then remove services
5. Mention the name of the Person who holds a position in the Top Management like the Director/MD, whoever holds power to approve policies/strategies etc
6. Mention the designation of the Person whose name has been mentioned in 5
7. Signature of the Personnel whose name is mentioned in 5
8. Provide the Date in DD-MMM-YYYY when the document is signed
9. Provide the Document number
10. Provide the Revision number such as 00,01,02, etc. If it’s a new document, then it would be 00.
11. Provide the date on which the document was revised. If it s a new document, it will be the document creation date.
12. Any revision in the EMS Policy needs to be documented, and the table needs to be maintained such

  • Revision Number - such as 00,01,02, etc
  • Revision Date – Date on which revision has come into effect
  • Details of Revision – What has been revised in the Policy
  • Revised By – Name of the Person who revised
  • Approved By – Name of the Person who approved the revision

All [ ] are to be removed after details are entered.

b. EMS Policy, once established, must be communicated to all its stakeholders

  • Workers
  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • Contractors etc

c. It must also be displayed at various locations on the site.
d. It must be available in a language familiar to the local population, along with English.
e. It can also be uploaded to the Organizations Portal.
f. As a part of continuous communication, it must also be a part of the Communication Plan for all stakeholders.
g. Additionally, a link to EMS policy on the website can also be given in the purchase orders given to suppliers.
h. Any change in the Policy concerning contents or top management changes, the revision will be done, and the exact needs to be communicated to all Stakeholders, and all display needs to change.