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Problem record template

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A problem record template is a document that describes the steps taken to diagnose and address an issue. Any business needs to have a problem record template to help identify problems more quickly and efficiently. In addition, this template can be used to collect and organize information related to problems that your customers or users have reported. 

How it fits into the ITIL Methodology

Recording the details of the root cause of a problem and how it was solved aids the organization in aligning the IT services with the business requirements. The record can also explain the need for certain monetary decisions and helps the managers in preparing their yearly fund requests.

Template Details:

The problem record template provides a way to collect information about mistakes made by users during their attempt to use your product. The information collected in this template can be used for testing purposes.

Format: MS Word


The template has the following sections:

  • Problem record details
  • Name of the person recorded by
  • Role
  • Priority
  • Category
  • Problem description
  • Corrective actions
  • Lessons learned

The right side of the template contains

  • Problem recorded on
  • Occurring date
  • Duration of the problem
At the bottom, an authorization table displays the decision to resolve the problem followed by the approver role, signature, etc.