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ITIL PIR Incident Closure Template

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The ITIL PIR for Incident Closure Word Template is a document that will help you create an effective and compliant incident closure report. It provides a summary of the event, information about the resolution, and any follow-up actions.

The template can be used by all levels of support personnel, from first-level technical staff to senior management. The purpose is to provide a clear and concise record of the actions taken during an incident resolution.

Template details:

  • This template has been created to assist in meeting the requirement of documenting the incident within 24 hours, escalate where necessary, and close as resolved once all action points have been completed.
  • The document includes sections for information about the event, risk response actions taken, cause analysis review, lessons learned or best practices identified from this event, and any other relevant information. 
  • It also includes a section to summarise what was done during this investigation so it can be used as a reference point for future investigations.

Format: MS Word


The ITIL Incident Closure PIR word template is a document that records the following information about an incident closure:

  • Date of closure
  • Details of any outstanding work
  • Actions taken by the service desk to close the incident, such as actions completed and outstanding.
  • A list of incidents reopened in addition to this one.