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ITIL MOM Template for Major Problem review

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The ITIL MOM template for a Major Problem Review template is designed to provide an overview of what should be included in a major problem review and guides how to create one.

In addition, this document aims to act as a checklist when conducting a Major Problem Review, which will ensure that all necessary components are addressed.

Template Details:

  • The purpose of this document is to help ITIL practitioners and other stakeholders focus on what has gone wrong, why it happened, how it was detected, and who was affected by the problem
  •  This template will enable an organization to take stock of the situation at hand and plan its response appropriately.


MS Word


The Template consists of the following sections.

  • Enter the Major Problem to discuss, Meeting Location, Recorded by, Organized by, Date of the meeting, Start date, and end date in the respective section.
  • List the Name of the Participants
  • Meetings' Agenda: time, Subject, and Presenter.
  • Action Item: Description of the action, owner, Due date, and comments.