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CAPM® Certification Training Course

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CAPM is a project management methodology that was developed by the Project Management Institute. CAPM stands for “criticality,” “accountability,” "probability," and "impact." It provides a framework for measuring risk in any given situation.CAPM calculates the expected return of an investment based on its risk. It does this by calculating the covariance between the security and market portfolio over time, as well as the variance of returns.

Skills Covered

  • Project manager knowledge areas
  • Project Stakeholder Management
  • Project manager processes
  • Project environment
  • Project Integration Management
  • Integrated change control
  • Earned value management
  • Quality tools
  • Organizational theories and leadership styles

WHY CAPM is Important?

CAPM is an important part of the process for controlling risk. It stands for Capital Asset Pricing Model, and it is used to determine whether given security or asset can be expected to provide higher returns than other securities with similar levels of risk. CAPM helps investors identify the appropriate level of diversification, which has been shown to improve performance in portfolios.

How CAPM will help you?

CAPM is a strategy that will help you increase your revenue by increasing conversion rates. The acronym stands for "Conversion Attraction Proposition Management." It's an approach to marketing and advertising that combines all of your marketing messages, offers, and tactics to create the best possible customer experience.