Agile and Scrum Foundation Certification Training

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Agile and Scrum Foundation Certification Training

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Agile Scrum Foundation is a set of practices and rules designed to help software development teams become more agile. There are many benefits that come from the Agile Scrum Foundation, including transparency, responsiveness, and adaptability among others. The goal is to maximize the number of features delivered at the end of one or more sprints, while continuously meeting customer demands and expectations.

Skills Covered

  • Describe Agile methodologies
  • Discuss Scrum roles
  • Discuss Scrum artifacts

Why Agile Scrum is Important?

Agile Scrum is a project management methodology that enables teams to work more efficiently. It's one of the most popular methods for managing complex projects because it provides clarity, improves communication, and boosts productivity.

How Agile Scrum Foundation Helps You?

Agile Scrum Foundation is a tool that helps you organize your projects, builds collaboration and communication within teams. It is an excellent way to manage the project's backlog and work on it in sprints. Agile Scrum Foundation also has a task management feature with unlimited levels of hierarchy.



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